VILLA WRAP (english)

60,00 DKK

VILLA WRAP is a soft cardigan with a distinctive texture, formed by working seed stitch and vertical lines formed with knit stitches.

The cardigan is worked seamlessly from the top down and has no finishing work. First the back yoke is worked, then stitches are picked up and knitted along the shoulders for the right and left front yoke. The two front yokes and the back are joined at the bottom of the armholes, and the body is worked back and forth across all the stitches. After this, stitches are picked up and knitted for the cardigan’s front edges and collar, which is made in one piece and in twisted ribs – a beautiful finishing detail that gives this design its characteristic look. At the end, stitches are picked up and knitted along the armholes for the sleeves, which are worked in the round.


Sizes: 1 (2) 3 (4)
Cardigan, bust circumference: 120 (127) 140 (147) cm
Length: 53 (55) 57 (59) cm
Sleeve length: 43 (43) 43 (43) cm

How much positive ease you like in your clothes varies from person to person. It can be a good idea to measure some of your favorite cardigans to help you choose the perfect size for you. My VILLA WRAP has 37 cm of positive ease, as I like the oversized look for my body silhouette, but I would not hesitate to go down to 20 cm of positive ease, depending on your figure and fit preferences.

If you would like a different length than the one listed for your size, you can follow the length for one of the other sizes.
If you’re working the cardigan in size 2 but would like the finished length to be 59 cm as it is for size 4, you’ll work the body until it measures 56 cm, and then work the rib, as
described for size 4. Afterwards, when you go to work the front edge, you follow the instructions for size 4, as the number of stitches needed for the front edge is related to the length of the body.

5 mm and 4.5 mm circular needles, 40 and 80-120 cm long
4.5 mm double-pointed needles


18 sts x 33 rows in PATTERN on a 5 mm needle = 10 x 10 cm


500 (600) 650 (750) g Woolia by Gepard Garn in color 101 (100 % organic merino wool; 132 m/50 g)

150 (175) 200 (225) g Kid Seta by Gepard Garn in color 406 (70% super kid mohair, 30% shappe silk; 210 m/25 g)

- one strands of each yarn is held together throughout